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AeroShell Grease 22 is a versatile advanced general purpose grease composed of a synthetic hydrocarbon oil thickened with Microgel®, with outstanding performance characteristics. Appropriate additives are included
to achieve the necessary oxidation and corrosion resistance, anti-wear properties and load carrying properties.
The useful operating temperature range is –65°C to +204°C.


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TRAST Aerosupermarket- provides the product delivery to Africa, Middle East and Central Asia Regions.


Gearboxes and Motors


While gearboxes generally use specialized fluids, when you are greasing, it's a good idea to check the manual for motor and gearbox servicing requirements. On Bonanzas it's every 300 hours, and not only includes the gear-actuator box, but also the gear motor itself with Shell 22. Judging from our inspections, these motors are frequently neglected. Don't say we didn't warn you if the gear fails to come down one day.


Servicing Fittings


For Zerks that don’t want to take grease, this device gives a shot of high pressure air with a hammer. It works to a limited degree.

First, if your airplane does not have plastic, protective, grease-fitting caps, go out and get some, as they are your first line of defense against grease-fitting contamination. They are cheap and effective and are carelessly yanked off and not replaced.

If you have your plane serviced and this happens, you might use this as a barometer of the care your plane receives in areas you can't see. Taking care to do things right tends to extend to the little things as well as big.

Be sure to give the fitting a light wipe with a solvent dampened rag to be sure you don't start service by injecting dirt into the fitting. Unfortunately, constipated, dried out fittings are very common on fittings not greased regularly, and it leads to a cycle of neglect. Occasionally, disassembly is the only solution, but most times, they can be convinced to cooperate.

Taking the weight off the joint is a good idea anyway to help greasing. Sometimes, exercising the joint helps, as does doing the greasing in warm weather. A little heat from a hair drier (no higher temperatures) has been known to help make a fitting cooperative, as does cursing.


For Zerks that don’t want to take grease, this device gives a shot of high pressure air with a hammer. It works to a limited degree.


Increasing the pressure of the grease gun, if an option, can be a mixed bag; if the fitting is indeed clogged, you may only succeed in blowing the fitting off the assembly.

In addition, there is a hammer-struck tool that imparts a sudden, high-pressure air stream to the fitting for stuck Zerks. Use with great care and don't expect miracles. Lastly, a blast of WD-40 in the fitting and around the joint edges helps in some very limited applications, along with exercising the joint. The longer you let greasing go the harder to ultimately fix the fitting/joint.