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AeroShell Grease 22 is a versatile advanced general purpose grease composed of a synthetic hydrocarbon oil thickened with Microgel®, with outstanding performance characteristics. Appropriate additives are included
to achieve the necessary oxidation and corrosion resistance, anti-wear properties and load carrying properties.
The useful operating temperature range is –65°C to +204°C.


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TRAST Aerosupermarket- provides the product delivery to Africa, Middle East and Central Asia Regions.


Primary Uses

First, high-speed roller bearings require clean grease, in the manufacture as well as storage and handling. Next, is thermal stability, because in roller bearings the balls tend to push the grease out of the way. If the grease melts, the race fills and churns the thinned grease, adding to friction.
If the grease is too thick, it will be displaced to the side and provide no real lubrication. Proper thickness is imperative, and the great temperature extremes of the inorganic gels like Shell 22 are one reason why they are so effective at this task.
Buying greases in overly large amounts makes sense only if you will use it in a reasonable amount of time, or if you have some way to assure it is kept clean. All the efforts of getting the right stuff are negated by inadvertent contamination by careless handling and storage. This can be a particularly vexing problem in a shop environment with multiple users, big containers and people in a hurry.

Moly or EP lubes are better suited for low-speed, high-pressure sliding surfaces, as they form a solid film on the parts that resists evaporation, water washout and corrosion. This can be counterintuitive somewhat, as one might think that this sticky, high-pressure stuff is the perfect grease for wheel bearings. It is what you tend to find in the automotive markets as the universal solution.